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Our program gives you
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With You Every
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Assurance: We have seasoned veterans in junk car business space with over 20 years of experience.

Turnaround: We can get you set up and making money in less than 30 days.

Take Anywhere: Our platform is available online and with our phone application to keep you connected.

Access To
Essential Resources

Resources: Avoid unnecessary scrolling and searching for useless information. We have all the essential information and documents needed in one place.

24/7 Access: Our account managers and coaches are here to help you thorough any setbacks.

Partnerships: We have an exclusive network of preferred partners who assist with all automotive recycler needs.

24/7 Priority

Coaching: Know that you possess access to seasoned veterans who have a known track record of proven success as a junk car buyer.

Account Managers: Stay engaged and motivated with direct access to your account manager who is here to cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Marketing: Our team is here to support you in any way to gain more customers and make more cash with proven organic marketing techniques and templates.

Generate Additional revenue
with Automobile recycling

Overhead cost is extreamly
limited as you already have
the tools necessary

Reach more customers by
turning recyling customers
into tow customers


Access to a dedicated Senior Coach

You will receive weekly one-on-one personalized coaching calls to answer any questions and help scale your business with junk cars for 12 weeks.

Access to Resources

Each client will receive 12-month access to the catalytic converter app that will provide insights on how much you should be paid for your catalytic converters You will receive access to preferred buyers list both locally and nationally.

Ongoing Assistance and Support

(a). Training on how to price and broker deals with future customers. (b). Locating Junk Yards and negotiating contracts. (c). Training on effective ways to market and gain leads for junk cars. (d.) Direct access to our preferred vendor list of buyers to ensure that you are receiving the best pricing for converters, tires, wheels, batteries, etc.

In-Person Access to Assist with Set Up for 3 days

Your dedicated coach is available to come on-site to help coach, train, and educate your team.

1. Each package in includes the following:

2. Business Review and Evaluation

3. Resources

Benefits Of Adding Auto Recycling To Your Current Business


Professor Brajendra Mishra PhD, director of the Metal Processing Institute at WPI states that, “What the automotive recyclers are doing is saving materials, saving energy and impacting the environment in a positive way.” Not all Superhero’s wear capes, but junk car buyers do!


Our program is great for those already established in the automotive space because you already have many of the tools needed to get the job done.


By adding auto recycling to your current business structure, you can generate additional revenue, putting more money in your pocket.


You will have access to a pool of resources to ensure that you are up to date with the latest pricing for parts, catalytic converters, and additional support designed to take you from basic to advanced

Choose from TWO packages:

    Access To ALL Training Modules

Direct access to 5 modules that will help you establish, develop, and scale your junk car business

    Access to a Dedicated Senior Coach

Access to a dedicated Senior Coach that you will work with directly You will receive 5 hours of personalized calls coaching to answer any questions, motivate, and holds you accountable.

   6- Month access to the catalytic converter application

This application is a great tool that can provide a baseline price range when selling catalytic converters.

    JCBA Online Set Up (We do this for YOU)

(a). Business Logo (b). Personalized Junk Car Website with on Page Search Engine Optimization. This also includes 1 year paid website domain and hosting. (c). Google Business and Google AdWords Set Up with Market Analysis and

    Ongoing Assistance and Support

(a). Scrap license other business needs. (b). Locating Junk Yards and negotiating contracts. (c). Direct access to our preferred vendor list of contacts for your converters, tires, wheels, batteries, and all other car parts.


We guarantee you will 5x your initial investment within 90-days or your money back!!


   In Person Training on-site for 3 days with Coach David

You will receive 3 days of onsite training with Coach David directly

   12- Month access to the catalytic converter application

This application is a great tool that can provide a baseline price range when selling catalytic converters.

    Lifetime Access to our Master Classes

o Brokering Deals
o Catalytic Converters
o Marketing Your Business Organically
o Maximizing Your Profit with Parts and Car Auctions


We guarantee you will 5x your initial investment within 90-days or your money back!!


What Our Clients Are Saying...

I was working at the airport and when the pandemic hit, I found myself in the unemployment line. I took some of my unemployment money and decided to take the course, as recommended by a friend. I gross about 5k-15k per month depending on the call volume. I work my own schedule and I don’t have to worry about clocking in or out. I am at home everyday by 4pm so that I can pick up my children from the bus. I will not be returning back to the airport. Oh, and girls can do it to!! #girlsbyjunkcars
Shay B., GA
I never felt like i was a 9-5 type of person or a go to college type of guy. I believed in hard-work, but i really wanted it to be on my own time and on my own terms. I reached out to Toya with JCBA, and as much as it hurt to let that 4k go, i would do it again 10 times over. My junk car business has brought me more money that i care to share, but i make 6 figures annually. I will say that my life has changed for the better financially, and i did make my initial investment back in less than two weeks.
I have been working different jobs that i can get, but did not really stick to one. I was told about JCB Academy USA by a friend, and i had a truck of my own to start. I found a trailer and began working within a couple of days. I make good money, and my family works with me, so i can expand my territory and buy more cars. Take the course, ask questions you do not understand, and they offer it in Spanish. Damaris with JCBA is great and speaks Spanish, which is easier for me.
Antonio H., FL