Junk car Buyers are always determined to score a junk vehicle that will create the highest profit margin. Our list of “Hottest Cars to Junk” proves that you can never judge a book by its cover.

Junk Car Buyer Academy USA considers two aspects of the junk car buying market:

– The value of the vehicle based upon the year, make, model and weight The value of the parts (wheels, battery, catalytic converter, etc.) on the vehicle that should be removed prior to taking it to the crusher.

– Our hot 25 list is labeled with photos and an estimated value of whether the car should be crushed, parted, or auctioned to get the quickest return.

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Do you have too many junk cars and need help getting rid of them? Crushing cars but want to know how to make more revenue on them? Need a revenue solution to expand your business?

JCB Experts provide unparalleled and exclusive information and advice on all abandoned,  impounded, and junk vehicles. We curate personalized action plans for our clients based on specific fleet details, vehicle type & quality, vehicle storage location, and individual client goals.

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