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Junk Car Buyer Academy USA

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In times of crisis, creative genius, and a willingness to work hard for what one treasures is what separates the conquerors from the conquered. It is with this mindset that two veteran automobile recyclers committed to a vision of helping others succeed and prosper within the automobile recycling industry. Junk Car Buyer Academy USA combines a customized curriculum with one-on-on coaching in the metals industry to offer a one-of-a-kind learning experience!

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JCB Academy

  • Teaches future Recyclers how to maximize their earning potential with insider knowledge and expert coaching on the automotive recycling industry.
  • Provides subject matter experts who provide constant communication and education for prospective students.
  • Has interactive, user-friendly applications and resources suited for car recyclers at any stage.

Whether you are just beginning a journey in the recyclable auto industry or interested in pursuing resources to grow within the auto industry, JCB Academy has just the curriculum for you!


Junk Car Buyer Academy USA

I left my job at a retail store and decided to leap of faith after purchasing my truck and trailer. All I can say is that the course works! I have good days and slow days, but never a slow month. It’s all about applying the information and letting it work for you. I work less and make more money than I ever have.

Danny P., TN
Junk Car Buyer Academy USA

I was working at the airport and when the pandemic hit, I found myself in the unemployment line. I took some of my unemployment money and decided to take the course, as recommended by a friend. I gross about 5k-15k per month depending on the call volume. I work my own schedule and I don’t have to worry about clocking in or out. I am at home everyday by 4pm so that I can pick up my children from the bus. I will not be returning back to the airport.

Shay B., GA
Junk Car Buyer Academy USA

I have been a cook for the past 6 years at a five star restaurant working 50-60 hours a week. I loved my job, but my wife and children suffered from my absence. My wife and I took the course together and she started buying cars as a buyer only on the weekends, as we did not have a truck and a trailer. We made enough money after two months of working on Saturdays to buy a truck and trailer. I recently turned in my notice. My wife is happy, and my kids are even more happy because I can now coach little league football. Whether you do this full time or parttime, it will change your life.

Raphael H., OH