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In times of crisis, creative genius, and a willingness to work hard for what one treasures is what separates the conquerors from the conquered. It is with this mindset that two veteran automobile recyclers committed to a vision of helping others succeed and prosper within the automobile recycling industry. Junk Car Buyer Academy USA combines a customized curriculum with one-on-on coaching in the metals industry to offer a one-of-a-kind learning experience!

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Whether you are just beginning a journey in the recyclable auto industry or interested in pursuing resources to grow within the auto industry, JCB Academy has just the curriculum for you!

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Junk Car Buyer Academy USA is an interactive academy for automotive businesses (towing, roadside assistance, or mechanic shops) who are ready to take their business to new levels by adding an additional stream of income without an increase in overhead or the headache of trying to figure it all out.

What Our Students Saying About JCB Academy

I left my job at a retail store and decided to leap of faith after purchasing my truck and trailer. All I can say is that the course works! I have good days and slow days, but never a slow month. It’s all about applying the information and letting it work for you. I work less and make more money than I ever have.

Danny P., TN

I was working at the airport and when the pandemic hit, I found myself in the unemployment line. I took some of my unemployment money and decided to take the course, as recommended by a friend. I gross about 5k-15k per month depending on the call volume. I work my own schedule and I don’t have to worry about clocking in or out. I am at home everyday by 4pm so that I can pick up my children from the bus. I will not be returning back to the airport.

Shay B., GA

I have been a cook for the past 6 years at a five star restaurant working 50-60 hours a week. I loved my job, but my wife and children suffered from my absence. My wife and I took the course together and she started buying cars as a buyer only on the weekends, as we did not have a truck and a trailer. We made enough money after two months of working on Saturdays to buy a truck and trailer. I recently turned in my notice. My wife is happy, and my kids are even more happy because I can now coach little league football. Whether you do this full time or parttime, it will change your life.

Raphael H., OH




Learn directly from senior automotive recyclers with a proven track record of a successful recycling business.


Get exclusive offers abs opportunities that are only available to our students


You can have direct access to our team of Senior coaches and experts for all your automotive recyclable needs.